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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

The entire process of Dog Training would appear to be fun for you as well as your dog if done in a correct step by step manner.Follow the Steps below to Training your new dog easily.

Dog Training tips are listed below:

1. Potty Training - Potty Training may look difficult for a dog owner but if you follow the steps below then you can train your dog very easily.Follow the following steps for your dogs potty training.

  •  Choose a spot outside where you want your dog to excrete.
  •  Every One Hour Take your Dog straight to designated toilet area.
  •  Use the Cue word/command you have used for your dog eliminating.
  •  If Your Dog does not eliminate,Repeat the Cue words.
  •  After Toilet,Allow your Dog some free play time.
  • Continue with this schedule until your dog grasps this training method.

2. Dog Crate Training - Crate Training is a fantastic technique to manage the safety of your dog and to inculcate good habits in your dog.Follow these tips for successful Crate Training.

  •  Place Crate in an area where you spend time with your dog.
  •  Anytime your dog shows interests in the crate reward him and praise him for doing so.
  •  Doing this will increase the interest of your do in the crate.
  •  Repeat the above steps until your dog learn this training method completely.

3. Dog Socialization - Dog Socialization Training is an excellent method to build a close relationship with your Dog.So it is of immense importance.Read the tips below to perform Dog Socializing tips successfully.

  • Bath Your Dog Properly and Clip her nails.
  • Allow your Dog a free trip around your house so that he can get acquainted with different things around the house.
  • Take your Dog to a boat ride or in an elevator and give him different toys to play with.This kind of things need to be done in this stage of development.
  • Take your dog in your car for a short drive.
  • If your Dog's Vaccination is done then you can take him to some kind of Kindergarten and allow him to meet with other dogs,cats and other different animals.

4. Reduce Excessive Barking - Training your dog to stop excessive barking may be a very difficult and time consuming task because it is in their instinct to bark.Follow the tips below to reduce barking.

  • If you establish yourself as your dogs leader then this problem of excessive barking wont happen.
  • You can also teach your dog some Que word or some command to make him stop barking.
  • The simplest solution to this problem of excessive barking is to Ignore your Dog while barking.

5. Dog Biting and Mouthing- Biting and Mouthing is  a very common problem in dogs and they can easily be trained to stop biting or mouthing.Just follow this simple tips.

  • Redirect Biting from Flesh to a Toy or a Chew Bone.
  • Make your dog realize that he is hurting you every time he bites or mouths.
  • Give him a Que Word/Command to stop mouthing and Biting.
  • Use a foul tasting substance.

6. Leash Training - Training your Dog to walk nicely on a loose leash is important for safety reasons and also for the enjoyment of your walks together.Follow this simple tips for Leash Training.

  •  Make Him comfortable wearing collar.
  • Show him that there is noting to fear about from the leash.
  • After your dog is comfortable with the leash take the other end of the leash.
  • After this just walk around the house with the leash in hand.

7. Obedience Training in Dogs - Start you dog on these basic obedience lessons as soon as you can. Practice the sit, down, stay and more. These commands provide the foundation for more advanced commands later on.Follow this tips for Obedience Training.

  • Use Praise and Reward Technique.
  • Stick to the plan until your dog learns it.
  •  Have Patience and Take it Slow.
  •  Test your Obedience Command with added distractions.

8. Dog Clicker Training - Quite simply clicker dog training is the most humane and effective way we know how to shape any new behavior in our dogs.Follow these tips to train your dog.

  • Use a lure to get the desired behavior to happen.
  •  Make the behavior the instant it happens.
  •  Generalize that behavior.
  •  Cue the behavior.
  •  Gradually fade the clicker and the treats.

9. Dog Feeding Training - It is not easy to decide the type of food your dog should have.Dog food nutrition directly influences its growth. Things like how puppies grow, their behavior habits, health, overall well-being and appearance are all closely connected to the nutrition we provide - it's a big responsibility.Follow these simple tips to choose the correct food for your dog.

  • You should always go for homemade dog food and then try different varieties of it.
  •  Witness the growth rate of your dog and then again try different other foods accordingly.

10. Follow the above tips and remember to do this consistently till your dog does not get trained completely.Make sure that you perform the aforesaid task your self and regularly to have maximum effect on your dogs training success.

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