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Stop Your Dog From Barking Without Using Collar

Use Anti Bark Collar to Stop your Dog From Barking

A number of pet owners today make an effort to prevent their dogs from generating nuisance barking with the help of an anti bark dog collar. They think that the employment of a dog training course is too long or the training expense is expensive. Some believe that their dog is so stubborn in order to be trained by any other way. The fact is that most dogs can control their barking without you having to use any anti bark dog collar.

First of all, you should know that anti bark dog collars nowadays use high pitched sound, static shock, or natural oil in order to control irritating barking from a dog. Whenever your dog barks above a certain decibel, vibrations generated from his barking will move through the collar and activate it. Once your dog gets irritating corrective signals, he will tend to stop the barking so that he can stay away irritating jolts as much as possible.

A lot of pet trainers report that the anti-bark collars work perfectly for them in most case, but there are still some issues when using these kinds of collars. The first one is the training cannot remain its result in a long period of time if you stop using the collar. Manufacturers that create these no bark collars also say that the dogs must wear the collar regularly in order for his barking to be controlled effectively. It is also cruel and inhumane if you intend to use a shock collar since these collars work by releasing electric shock, which can hurt the dog. Just think about how you feel once you get this kind of shock from the collar. The next disadvantage of using a no bark dog collar is most of the collars cannot find out the difference between an irritating barking and helpful barking. If the dog barks, he gets corrective signals. This means if there is a robber trying to get into your house, the dog will not generate any alert notice because of punishment he gets from the collar. This is really a last thing you want to happen, right?

With that being said, you should consider carefully before deciding to use any dog bark control aid in order to prevent nuisance barking. It is true that bark control training course can work on almost any kind of dogs. Besides, the training is usually affordable and provides quick results. There are situations that a dog can be trained in a few days. If you are short for money, you can choose to invest in training manuals, which are inexpensive instead of spending money on expensive behavior training classes.

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