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Tips You Should Know Before Buying American BullDog

American bulldogs are known for their defined traits and is considered to be a very American symbol today. Training these dogs can be a lot of fun but it will have to be handled effectively. In many cases, these dogs are simply unhappy and out of control when they are not well trained. It is also extremely essential that you learn as much as possible about the breed so you know what to expect when you get a puppy home. This will allow you to handle the dog quite well.

Exercise is Important

American bulldogs are very muscular, powerful and athletic. While this is a very attractive trait, it may also make things difficult for a few people. This would mean that the dog will require frequent exercise and constant stimulation. For someone who is not really active frequently and doesn’t give their pet good exercise, the pet can end up being unhappy and create several problems in the future. Also, with a little special knowledge it is possible to property stimulate and train your dog.

Families with Children

These dogs are devoted, friendly and happy and they tend to get along well with children, even if they are introduced to them later on in their life. However, since they need constant stimulation and because of their intimidating size they are suited better for older children. It is best to keep a watch on them when they are around infants, not because of a possible bite or attack but because they may unintentionally sit or roll over the infant. However, it is possible to train your dog well to understand the differences between infants and adults so that they can be careful and gentle when they are around younger kids.


These dogs are very loyal and have a natural guarding instinct and therefore they can be reserved, wary and sometimes aggressive towards strangers. It is important to socialize them well right from an early age so problems can be avoided. There is a specific manner in which these dogs need to be socialized. All in all, these wonderful dogs can be great pets but like any other type of breed they will need to be trained well according to their specific needs. Training these dogs can be extensive at times but it is definitely quite enjoyable and offers good rewards later. With the kind of loyalty and love these dogs have it is definitely worth considering American bulldogs as a family pet.

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