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10 Basic Puppy Training Tips

How to Train a Puppy?

Training puppy may not be as easy as it seems.Tasks like Puppy house training,Socializing,Leash Training and basic Obedience training should be concentrated upon from the start.

Here are ten basic tips to train your puppy:

1. Start Puppy Training as soon as puppy arrives at home.

2. Using Lots of Rewards and Praises.

3. Keep Training Sessions Short and Playful.

4. Begin with Easy Commands and Repeat those Commands for sometime so that your puppy grasps it.

5. Your Training Sessions should be based on trust and Mutual Respect.

6. Never Use Harsh Correction Methods.

7. Be Realistic and Have Patience.

8. Slowly but Steadily Strengthen the Bond between yourself and your Puppy

9. Puppy Training should always hold strong priority.Do not make it, If I Get Time,Kind of task.Be Regular and Steady with Puppy Training.

10. Make Training Sessions Fun For Your Puppy.

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