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Dog Training Basics For a New Dog Owner

Dog Training is a technique to teach your dog to understand the commands given by you and behaving accordingly.It is best to hire dog trainers who can teach your dog to be well behaved and respond properly and correctly to your commands.Generally when you bring in a new pet dog then you must train him to be your best friend rather then to be an annoyance around your house.Dogs have natural inborn instincts which help them to cooperate with their fellow dogs. Many domestic dogs can correctly instinctively interpret signals given by their owner and respond to signals as well.

The Basic Commands which you can teach your dog to respond to is as follows:


People either hire a professional Dog Trainer or Join Dog Training Classes which enables a dog Owner and the Dog to know more about each other.Classes are designed to help Socialize a Dog to other people and Dogs.You may also attend group classes but again they may not be available until your puppy has completed all its vaccinations.The dog training may involve 'Reward and Punishment' technique.But if you are an individual trainer then it must be kept in the mind that your dog should feel at ease while training is being done.The main thing which should be kept in mind is that Dog Training requires time and patience.

According to Learning Theory there are four important messages that the handler can send the dog:

1. Reward or release marker which implies correct behavior. This signal tells the dog that you have earned a reward.

2. Keep going signal (KGS) which implies Correct behavior and continue and you will earn more reward.

3. No reward marker (NRM) implies that your behavior is incorrect.

4. Punishment marker implies that your behavior is incorrect and that you have earned punishment.

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